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Prices & Ordering Information

AEB-2 Fretted Scroll Bass:

$2100 Total ($800 Deposit + $1300 At Completion)
$1900 Total In Advance

AUB-2 Fretless Scroll Bass:

$1900 Total ($800 Deposit + $1100 At Completion)
$1700 Total In Advance

These prices include:
Your choice of color scheme.
A custom padded gig bag, made by JP Cases. (More Info)
An owner's manual and letter of authenticity with the history of your specific instrument.
UPS ground shipping within the US.

SSB Short Scale Bass: Fretted or Fretless

$1350 Total ($500 Deposit + $850 At Completion)
$1200 Total In Advance

These prices include:
Your choice of color scheme.
Your choice of ebony or rosewood fingerboard.
Your choice of a padded gig bag or a hard shell case.
An owner's manual and letter of authenticity with the history of your specific instrument.
UPS ground shipping within the US.

Right now, I have about a 4 week waiting list for most of my new instruments, particularly the AEB-2/AUB-2 Scroll Basses. I'm building them as fast as I can, but the orders keep coming in! Any instruments that I have in stock or unsold and nearly done will be listed on the Instruments Available page. However, I haven't been too punctual about updating these pages lately, so you're welcome to call or e-mail me for the latest.

Custom Options:
In general, I don't do heavily customized versions of my instruments, but I will build you a bass with a custom color scheme, or with a few simple options. Custom color schemes are usually no extra charge. Gold hardware is $75. White marker lines on a fretless fingerboard is $50. If there's anything else you'd like, just ask, and I'll see what I can do.

Left Hand Instruments:
Not a problem and no additional charge; I've built three of them so far.

Prototypes & Used Instruments:
I sometimes have prototypes and used instruments available, which have been traded in against newer ones. Most of the prototypes have been upgraded to include the latest features, and all have been checked out and carry my full guarantee. Any that I have will be listed on the Instruments Available page.

The only discount I offer is 10% off if you buy more than one of my instruments. The prices shown to the left are the same for everyone, regardless of your fame, talent and/or financial state. I wish I could sell them for less, but I can't. These instruments are expensive and time consuming to build, and I'm barely paying the bills each month doing this!

Dealer Sales
I'm not building these instruments in sufficient quanties to be able to sell to dealers at industry-standard wholesale prices. I can offer a 20% commission for finding a customer and transacting a sale through your store, but that's the best I can do for now. Yes, you must have a business license, tax certificate, and an established retail musical instrument business to get this discount.

Payment may be by check, money order or bank wire transfer in $US. I don't accept credit cards at this time. I now require a deposit on all instruments before I start construction. Obviously, I require payment in full before I ship the instrument. As shown in the prices, I offer a $150 to $250 discount if you pay in full in advance. This helps me buy raw materials farther ahead and operate more efficiently.

Included in the standard price is UPS Ground shipping within the US, which takes 3-7 days. If you order a flight case with the instrument, I'll ship it by Air Cargo at no additional charge to the major airport of your choice. It typically takes 24-48 hours, and you pick it up at the Air Cargo Terminal. I've been very happy with Southwest Air Cargo, and they're my first choice.

International shipping can be by Air Cargo in a flight case, or by FedEx in my standard cardboard box. Shipping to Europe is typically $300-$350 for FedEx, and you may have to pay customs charges when you pick it up.

I fully guarantee my instruments against functional defects with no time limit. If something doesn't work right, I want to know about it, and I'll do my best to fix it. If you decide you just don't like my instrument, for any reason, you can ship it back within 2 weeks of purchase, and I'll refund your money, as long as it hasn't been modified or damaged. I understand that my basses are not for everybody.

I'm willing to trade instruments that I've built at any time, if you change your mind on the model or the features. This includes used ones and prototypes. Many of my customers have bought an instrument initially to see if they like it, and then later traded it in against a newer one in a custom color scheme, or with different features. As long as you haven't modified it or carved your initials into it, it's worth the same price you paid me for it. You pay any price difference and your half of the shipping, and we'll trade. I want you to have the instrument that you like best, and I don't mind having a few used instruments on hand to offer to new customers.

I'm sorry, but I don't take any other instruments as trade-ins, with the possible exception of a vintage Ampeg that I want for my own collection. I'm not a music store!!

The Ampeg Name:
Some of the Scroll Basses that I built between '97 and '99 have the classic Ampeg logo engraved into the pickguard. This was done with the permission of the good folks at St. Louis Music, because during those years, we had a plan to distribute my instruments under the Ampeg brand name as a promotion of Ampeg's history. However, by mutual friendly agreement, we ended this promotion in '99. So, all new instruments built since January 2000 do NOT have the Ampeg logo on them, and I cannot put it on there without specific permission from St. Louis Music.

Optional Cases