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Cases For Scroll Basses

The JP Cases Gig Bag

A Flight Case By A & S Case Co.

Gig Bags:
Included in the price of every Scroll Bass is a pro-quality gig bag. Custom made by JP Cases, this bag has thick, high-density foam padding, including a rim all around the perimeter of the instrument. The lining is felt, and all of the construction details are very high quality. This isn't a cheap import; it's sewn up in JP Case's shop in Cerritos, CA, and is made for years of heavy use. I chose JP because the design of their bags offers the best protection to the instrument that I've seen. Most of my basses are shipped inside the gig bag, inside a heavy double-wall cardboard box.

This gig bag also fits vintage Ampeg models AEB-1, AUB-1, ASB-1, AUSB-1, AMB-1 & AMUB-1. It's available separately for $110, which includes shipping within the US.

JP Cases will also make up custom order gig bags, such as double bags, or in special colors with embroidered logos. They will also make this bag in leather for about $400.

Flight Cases:
I have my flight cases made up to order by A & S Case Co. in North Hollywood, CA, and they are available with many options and features. Shown here is a single instrument case, with a fitted foam interior, and sewn plush velour lining. You can choose from many different colors for the outside and the lining. It's 18" x 6" x 54" and weighs about 50 lbs with the bass inside.

Prices for the fully lined flight case:
Purchased with a Scroll Bass, instead of the gig bag: $275
Purchased with a Scroll Bass, in addition to the gig bag: $350
Purchased separately, including shipping in the US: $375

Another version of the flight case has no velour lining, and the foam is cut so the gig bag, with the bass in it, goes inside. This way, you can travel with the protection of the flight case, but when you get there, you can leave it in the truck or hotel room, and carry the bass around in the gig bag.

Prices for the gig bag/flight case combination:
Purchased with a Scroll Bass: $300
Purchased separately, including shipping in the US: $400

Many other options and configurations are available, such as double instrument cases, casters, extra handles, etc.

Classic Hard Shell Cases:
Classic style hard shell cases with plush lining are available from TKL Products in Oilville, VA. I don't stock them, but I can order one for you.