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The Devil Basses
The New Generation

In early 2003, I'll be introducing a new generation version of the infamous Ampeg Devil Bass. It'll be similar in construction and features to the AEB-2/AUB-2 Scroll Basses, with many improvements over the originals. Like the AEB-2, it'll be a serious working bass for the studio and the road, not a reissue wall-hanger!

The neck will be thin and very fast like the AEB-2, 35" scale length, with a full 28 frets all the way down into the deep cutaways. It'll be bolt-on, but will be smoothly blended into the body almost like a neck-thru bass. The body will be reshaped a bit from the original, with slightly longer horns and better styling of the cutouts through the body. The pickguard will be much better looking! It'll have similar controls and hardware to the current 2001 version of the AEB-2, but I'll be introducing a new design of the pickups themselves.

I already have firm orders for the first few Devil Basses and I'm accepting deposits if you want to get on the list. The prices will be the same as the AEB-2/AUB-2 models; $2300 for the fretted version and $2100 for the fretless.

Contact me if you're interested in one!